Executive search in the digital era.

The best managers. Individual consultancy. High speed.

  • Led by eight internet entrepreneurs and complemented by digital natives who are specialized consultants in various fields.

  • Market leader in the european regions with a network of more than 300,000 digital experts and executive staff.

  • High quality through our software supported Executive-Search-Process including a two-stage interview process.

  • Our "algorithmized Multi-Channel-Search" guarantees suitable candidates as well as the filling of a position generally in less than 90 days.

  • Get to know suitable candidates on average within 14 days.

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Dr. Sebastian Tschentscher
Managing Director
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Your access to 350,000 managers

With more than 180 members of staff as well as offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Zürich, Paris and Amsterdam, CareerTeam is one of the largest digital personnel consulting firms in Europe. Our executive search process is the highly effective method we employ to find you directors, managers, divisional and departmental heads, its success proven in the digital sector. All managers are tested in terms of their professional, intellectual and social skills. To ensure that executive search is a guaranteed success, all of our consultants work using a standardised, split-tested executive search process. Our in-depth understanding of the digital sector and the specialisation level of our consultants allow us to get to grips with your requirements and find the right manager for you. Not only do we use our international network for this, we also identify candidates systematically based on their field-specific and professional know-how.

Executive Search Process

Situation analysis, requirements generation and definition of the search strategy

To find the right candidate for you, we will speak with you on the telephone and in person to gain a better understanding of your company and the current situation. Once we have an overview of the relevant area, your corporate culture and the resulting requirements, we will jointly prepare a requirements profile with you for the executive search and verify whether candidates meeting these requirements are available on the market. After we put the finishing touches to the profile, we will specify a concrete search strategy together with you, as well as milestones for the executive search process.

Systematic work on a list of target companies and identification of candidates

Based on the defined search strategy, we work systematically on a list of target companies to identify relevant candidates. As the digital industry is rapidly changing, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest trends, newcomers and industry stars. We do this by combining our unique industry expertise, network and target company database. After we have systematically collected information about all target companies, we use our database, recommendations from our network of contacts, search engines, social networks and information gathered over the telephone to identify suitable candidates.

Approaching candidates directly, initial interview & pre-screening of candidates

There is no other industry where speed is as important as in the digital economy. To present you with a preliminary list of candidates in just two weeks, we approach candidates not only through traditional communication channels such as telephone and email, but also make efficient use of social media. By using continual A/B testing on all channels, we can reach and convince candidates to start the application at the right time and with the right content. In the first semi-structured interview, we assess the candidates' professional and personal suitability, motivation and the general conditions. After reviewing the documents, we screen the candidates and decide which candidates will be asked to come back for a second interview.

Second interview & presenting the candidates to the client

We conduct a structured second interview with all candidates, in which we examine in depth the professional and personal suitability of the candidates, their motivation and their actual willingness to change jobs. When we feel that the candidate is ready to embrace the challenges your company faces, we prepare an informative candidate profile, in which we elaborate in detail about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate. This allows you to save time and to get a comprehensive overview about the candidate before consulting the issue with us over the telephone.

Providing the client with advice throughout the selection process up to the signing of the contract

After we present the candidates to you, we will advise you to the required extent during the selection process. Our range of services extends from joint candidate interviews, creation of interview guidelines and concept for an assessment centre, through to the drafting of employment agreements and structuring complex management incentives. We act on behalf of our clients and candidates throughout the entire process as their partner in the spirit of mutual trust, and we continue giving advice and support to both parties well beyond the conclusion of the contract.