Our Process

Recruiting Process

Day 1

Personal briefing at client’s office

Structured requirement profile and questioning techniques ensure precise profile definition

Day 2

Programming and starting the multi-channel search

Search our database of 450,000 candidates and 60+ online networks

From Day 21

Continuous presentation of perfectly fitting candidates

On average 5 presented candidates lead to a successful hire

Day 90

Successful completion of the search

90% of all executive searches are successfully completed within 12 weeks

Recruiting Concept

Customer Acquisition

Customer Acquisition

  • Clear separation of sales and recruiting /operations
  • Bonus for recruiters based on quality and velocity
  • Semi-automated market analysis to validate feasibility of search

Better service offering and higher quality (better fitting candidates)



  • Tailored vertical with strong functional expertise
  • In-depth analysis of needed skills, company culture etc.

Better understanding of clients' needs and culture

Search Process

Search Process

  • Standardized process
  • Semi-automated search and KPI-based decision making
  • A/B tested approach of candidates to maximize conversion

First candidates after 2-3 weeks already

Customer relation & transparency

Customer relation & transparency

  • Agile cooperation with clients
  • Automated client report with suggested candidates and search facts
  • Weekly call to discuss progress and adjustments of search profile and strategy

Highest possible convenience for customer and full transparency