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Digital Natives

Led by eight entrepreneurs and complemented by digital natives who are specialized consultants in various fields.


Market leader in the european regions with a network of more than 450,000 digital experts and executive staff.

High quality through our software supported Executive-Search-Process including a two-stage interview process.

Our "algorithmized Multi-Channel-Search" guarantees suitable candidates as well as the filling of a position generally in less than 90 days.


Get to know suitable candidates on average within 14 days.

Consistently high customer satisfaction

We find your sales expert for the digital age

When it comes to generating sales for your company, an optimally positioned sales area is indispensable. In order to be truly successful in lead generation, cross-selling or the establishment and expansion of long-term business relationships, you need an optimally aligned strategy and a culture of success. Since digitalization plays here an important role as well, Sales 4.0 is moving more and more into the foreground. The future positioning of your company is the decisive factor. We will help you recruit the right experts so that you can face change in a positive way. With our industry expertise and our experience in digitalization, we will find the right experts for you and thus secure your company's success.

To help you revolutionize your sales strategy and set the first milestone for long-term success in the market, CareerTeam supports you in your search for the perfect candidates. Based on our extensive knowledge of the industry and our expertise in personnel selection, we are your experts in the search for specialists and executives in the sales area. Together we take your sales strategy to the next level.


Typical positions

  • Head of Sales
  • CSO
  • VP Sales

Sales 4.0 makes new demands on your sales force

Digitalization is now a common feature of all areas of the company. It is also on everyone's lips in the area of sales and is often associated with the term Sales 4.0. More and more companies are recognizing this trend and approaching the topic. For example, the study "Sales in the digital age" conducted by the Institute for Sales and Marketing Automation (IFSMA) among 525 companies in Germany found that almost 47% of companies already have a clear digitization strategy. An optimal positioning in the area of sales guarantees your company's success. This requires a clear vision that is driven forward and implemented by appropriate experts. In times of a shortage of skilled workers and the labor market, recruiting such experts is becoming increasingly difficult. 

As a personnel consultancy, CareerTeam has experience and expertise in recruiting sales experts who can optimally position your company. With the help of our network, we can find the right experts for you, whether for B2B or B2C sales. From Senior Sales Manager to VP Sales - we will find the right candidate for you. 

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