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Digitalization presents companies with a multitude of challenges. Increasing complexity, growth and increasing competitive pressure make it difficult for management to control the company centrally. Operations executives are playing an increasingly important role in this context.

The "all-powerful patriarch", who has the last word in all decisions in companies bordering on autocracy, is rarely to be found. The demands placed on top management are becoming more and more demanding as a result of current developments: the shortage of skilled workers makes it more difficult to find personnel, digitisation is increasing the pressure to compete and innovate, and workforces are undergoing generational change - which is also changing their demands. It is the task of operations executives to bring these developments into line with the corporate strategy and at the same time ensure the operational success of the company.

Requirements for Operations-Executives

  • strong communication skills
  • Resource distribution according to demand
  • Goal-oriented way of thinking in the interest of stakeholders
  • Moderation and mediation competence
  • Prudence and attention to detail

Our contribution to your success

Operations Executives play a key role in the success of your digitization strategy - and are therefore becoming more and more sought-after. CareerTeam can help your company find the digital experts and professionals that are becoming increasingly scarce.

  • Support in the individual situation and needs analysis
  • Formulation of tailored position descriptions
  • Focus on professional and personal "perfect fit" between client and candidate
  • Regular training of our HR consultants
  • Network of over 350,000 digital professionals and executives

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