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Led by eight entrepreneurs and complemented by digital natives who are specialized consultants in various fields.


Market leader in the european regions with a network of more than 450,000 digital experts and executive staff.

High quality through our software supported Executive-Search-Process including a two-stage interview process.

Our "algorithmized Multi-Channel-Search" guarantees suitable candidates as well as the filling of a position generally in less than 90 days.


Get to know suitable candidates on average within 14 days.

Consistently high customer satisfaction

We find the online marketing experts of tomorrow.

Due to the technological progress as well as the increasing economic importance, the field of online marketing has changed drastically in the last 2 decades - and thus has become more and more complex and multi-layered. With the digital change and the emergence of new channels, topics such as marketing integration, cross-channel strategies and marketing automation are extremely important for successful companies and represent an important basis for the online marketing of tomorrow. Our HR consultants follow these and other trends with great curiosity and keep up to date through regular training and visits to specialist trade fairs and events. As digital natives, our employees speak the same language as the candidates and create and communicate on equal terms through their industry- and subject-specific know-how. Through the targeted use of analytic tools and our software-supported 70-level recruiting process, we as digital personnel consultants pursue the goal of finding the "perfect fit" between your company and the online marketing executives of tomorrow. CareerTeam helps your company to fill these key positions in online marketing. Through our network of more than 450,000 digital professionals and executives and our executive search approach, we identify candidates who perfectly match your requirements and help you achieve your company's continued success

Typical positions

  • Head of Online Marketing
  • CMO
  • Sr. Performance Marketing Manager

Achieve clear competitive advantages with online marketing

Online marketing has become indispensable for companies in the digital age. Classical marketing will continue to be important, but online marketing is a modern and above all necessary complement.  Online marketing is a very differentiated area and is constantly changing.

Borders between SEA, SEO, local, social, mobile marketing and other disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred. However, the use of online marketing in companies offer many advantages. Starting with a larger reach, scalability, the possibility of a targeted approach of target groups as well as a better budgeting and a more exact, measurable success control. 

The use of online marketing in companies pays off. However, a clear strategy and digital and technological competencies are required. According to a study by the Boston Consulting Group, companies with excellent digital marketing generate 2.5 times more revenue than companies that do not pursue data-driven online marketing strategies. The use of data-driven technologies already creates an enormous added value. However, technology alone is not the absolute guarantee for success - the person behind it counts. Success can only be achieved if technologies are used correctly by qualified and competent employees. Thus it must be decided which strategy should be pursued and which type of technology supports the strategy. The know-how of the employees as well as their expert knowledge must constantly optimize the technology and its application. The human factor is therefore decisive in determining whether success is achieved at the end of the day.

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