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Online Marketing

People are increasingly realizing media and buying offers on the internet. As a result, companies increasingly need to move their marketing activities to the online world to be more visible and engage with potential customers, whether they offer physical or digital products.

Online marketing is nowadays a key part of any marketing strategy. It was an effective way to make potential customers aware of your products and services on social networks, via online media or via web shops. For example, a provider of organic food can initiate a campaign for its seasonal products through various channels. Via blogs and news sites he can inform the ecological and health benefits of his seasonal goods. Such products can be shown to interested persons by tracking subsequently targeted advertising. A content and formal search engine optimized website furthermore increases the visibility on google und directs potential customers to current offers in the web shop. These are just a few of the options available to online retailers in particular.

Requirements for Online Marketing Executives

  • Knowledge of current legal regulations ( for example data protection) and technical innovation
  • Target audience expertise
  • Campaign control and evaluation
  • Strategy and targeted coordination of the marketing mix

Our contribution to your success

Regardless of whether you and your company tend to operate in the classic environment or have internalised the term "eCommerce": the demand for competent specialists and managers in the field of online marketing is unbrokenly high, because they contribute to the success of a company in many ways with their experience and expertise. CareerTeam supports you in your search in many ways.

  • Help with the situation and needs analysis
  • Targeted job posting and posting of positions
  • Focus on "perfect fit" between client and candidate
  • Regular training of our HR consultants
  • Network of over 350,000 digital professionals and executives

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