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Led by eight entrepreneurs and complemented by digital natives who are specialized consultants in various fields.


Market leader in the european regions with a network of more than 450,000 digital experts and executive staff.

High quality through our software supported Executive-Search-Process including a two-stage interview process.

Our "algorithmized Multi-Channel-Search" guarantees suitable candidates as well as the filling of a position generally in less than 90 days.


Get to know suitable candidates on average within 14 days.

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The area of eCommerce is becoming more and more important for the success of companies and is integrated into the areas of marketing and sales. Regardless of the industry, it is more important than ever to find the best specialists and managers with up-to-date technical know-how and thus ensure the development of a successful shop management. No matter whether market leader, established company or start-up in the growth phase - we are at your side as specialized consultants. We can draw on our many years of experience in eCommerce and our strong network of suitable candidates. In addition, we focus on the joint development of suitable and individual job advertisements, targeted headhunting and efficient candidate management in order to find the right employees for you. As the largest digital recruitment consultancy, we jointly capture your ideas, guarantee an efficient recruitment process and are at your side as a strong consulting partner throughout the entire process. Together we will find solutions for your personnel problems, so that problems and bottlenecks do not end up in the shopping basket in the future but belong to the past.

Typical positions

  • Head of E-Commerce
  • Head of Shopmanagement
  • Head of Multichannel

From online shop to successful marketplace!

A steadily increasing number of today's consumers make their purchases online. Over the last few years, the Internet has developed into a global and central marketplace for goods. Today, an online shop must not be understood as a simple tool for transactions. Rather, it contributes at best to a positive customer experience and the design of a modern customer service. As a provider of services or retailer of goods, it is therefore more and more important to position oneself strongly in relation to other companies or even to distinguish oneself from them in order to secure long-term success. In order to keep up with the competition and to be able to react to market movements, the respective business must be constantly developed further in order to guarantee growing sales.

The area of eCommerce plays a central role in this. As a shop manager in the area of eCommerce, it is similar tothe retail trade topics, such as product descriptions and price labelling, the management of sales processes and the management of the flow of goods. Digitalization also does not stop at the design of online shops. It is therefore becoming more and more important to constantly deal with customers and visitors to the online marketplace and to develop a modern market presence based on data and studies. The aim should therefore be to make the purchase as pleasant as possible for potential customers and to make the transactions as smooth as possible. The corresponding candidates should therefore be able to rely not only on creative knowledge but also on know-how in the field of the software used. 

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