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Digital Natives

Led by eight entrepreneurs and complemented by digital natives who are specialized consultants in various fields.


Market leader in the european regions with a network of more than 450,000 digital experts and executive staff.

High quality through our software supported Executive-Search-Process including a two-stage interview process.

Our "algorithmized Multi-Channel-Search" guarantees suitable candidates as well as the filling of a position generally in less than 90 days.


Get to know suitable candidates on average within 14 days.

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Digitale productmanagers - gezochte multi-talenten

Het assortiment digitale producten is vandaag de dag breder dan ooit tevoren - en de diversiteit blijft groeien. In het kader van de productontwikkeling handelen digitale productmanagers op het raakvlak van de specifieke eisen van talrijke belanghebbenden. Zij beschikken over zowel technologische als ondernemerskennis. Ze gebruiken hun vermogen om visionair te denken en gericht prioriteiten te stellen om het succes van een bedrijf te maximaliseren. Om dit mogelijk te maken, zijn ze in staat om het perspectief van gebruikers en klanten te internaliseren. Productmanagers in de digitale omgeving zijn multitalent - en ze worden steeds meer gevraagd. CareerTeam helpt uw bedrijf in de moeilijke zoektocht naar steeds schaarser wordende digitale experts en professionals. Als succesvolle headhunter met expertise in de digitale industrie ondersteunen wij u bij het werven van personeel. Wij vinden de meest geschikte experts voor u - ongeacht of u op zoek bent naar een Chief Product Officer (CPO), Head of Product Owner of Product Owner.

CareerTeam is een recruitmentbureau met diepgaande expertise in het werven van experts op het gebied van digitaal productmanagement. Onze brancheoverkoepelende ervaring en ons professionele netwerk stellen ons in staat om in te spelen op uw specifieke behoeften. Of u nu thuis bent in B2C e-commerce of machinebouw. Wij vinden de juiste experts voor uw behoeften - van CPO tot product owner.

Typical positions

  • Head of Product
  • Chief Product Officer
  • Product Owner

Digital product management - a cross-industry success factor

Faced with the concept of digital product management, the vast majority ofpeople think of digital products from well-known online companies that are initially aimed at end consumers. E-commerce platforms with a wide range of product ranges and intuitive ordering processes that make any purchase possible without leaving home. Apps and services that keep us up to date with the latest developments every day, that provide entertainment, that navigate us or enable us to exchange ideas and get to know other people. Behind each of these products is a team of digital product managers who are constantly working on their further development and optimization. However, digital products have now arrived in all industries and their applications and the resulting added value continue to grow. 

Digital trends and technological innovations are changing the existing business models of all industries. In an increasingly digitalized world, the inclusion of digital business models in corporate strategy is a prerequisite for every company to survive and be successful in the future. Digital products not only facilitate sales and improve customer interaction, butcan also offer completely new potential and open up new markets. Companies from the processing and manufacturing industry in particular arefaced with the challenge of meeting the increasing complexity of digital products. This situation is also reflected in a recent study conducted by BearingPoint, a management consultancy specializing in management and technology consulting, in cooperation with the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences (HsKA), Prof. Dr. JörgW. Fischer and the SteinbeisTransfer Centre for Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering (STZ-RIM). According to this study, 7 out of 10 companies in the corresponding industries are inadequately prepared for the increasing product complexity. Accordingly, the demand for digital product managers who are able tomanage all the requirements of complex digital products is also increasing. 

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