Sascha Bilen has been working in managerial roles in the German economy for almost 20 years. In doing so, he has become familiar with a wide range of industries (trade, logistics, technology, e-health, etc.) and companies ranging from start-ups (HausMed, 24translate) to medium-sized companies to corporations (Otto, TNT). At the same time, he has been involved in shaping various phases of companies’ digitalisation and has thus seen time and again how the success of such processes depends on how well employees can be won over to the change. Sascha is a business economist (FH Nuremberg, University of Münster, Harvard Business School) with a passion for contemporary management: he believes progress is made successfully when employees are enabled and empowered to take responsibility for achieving their goals. As CSO of the CareerTeam Group, he is responsible for the sales excellence of all agencies.